About us

Adecoe’s team have been at the forefront of energy and housing since the 1990s. We have often been the innovators that have put energy in to the heart of housing.



We know how to create new solutions; we know the proven approaches that work well. 



Our team have always been client side, yet we have worked extensively with industry, helping create and develop new products and services for clients and business. We operate at all levels in housing and sustainability, from front line housing and asset management up to Board, national policy and Ministerial level. 



With Adecoe, you are gaining a powerful team to work with your organisation.


Arnout Andrews


A highly experienced practical advisor who has worked nationally and internationally on housing and energy projects for nearly 20 years.


He brings the ability to quickly understand and assess issues and problems for clients in all sectors and at all levels. His flexible approach (drawn from experience of clients large & small on a wide range of projects) is based on the key skills of bringing insight and understanding to any situation. This means he finds answers that work and can be delivered effectively and efficiently.




In simple terms, Arnout knows how to make things better.

Nicholas Doyle


A dynamic and innovative thinker with significant national and international experience of housing, business and sustainable development issues.


He has worked in social housing for over twenty five years, and in sustainable development for over ten years. An experienced approach in strategic thinking at Board, corporate, start- up company, and national policy levels. He brings focused and practical business development experience and skills to all of the work he does. Enjoys a national profile combined with a sound understanding and experience of real business development and delivery.


Nicholas believes that housing should be the best it can be - for customers, organisations and businesses.

Ellie Horwitch-Smith


Ellie is an environmental sustainability advocate with over 12 years’ experience in creating and delivering sustainability and carbon management services in the housing sector.


She has worked with local, regional and national organisations in the public and private sectors to identify and prioritise energy and carbon savings based on legislative requirement, organisational commitment or simple common sense. With strong communication and excellent project management skills, she generates results and momentum that lead to great partnerships.



Ellie believes that if you bring the right people together, you can always find a solution.




Sally Hancox MBE


Sally has over 30 years working in housing where she has worked in communities in London and the North East.  She worked in Sunderland assisting in the stock transfer and becoming Director of Housing for one of the local housing companies formed in 2001.  Sally created and led Gentoo Green 2007-16.  During this time the team delivered a PV programme to 6,000 homes, an energy advice service, a curriculum aligned school programme as well as pioneering many retrofit projects including Retrofit Reality, PaYS and Energy Saving Bundles.  Sally’s leadership was the catalyst for the groundbreaking Boiler on Prescription project. 



Her passion is how to engage with people to change behavior and improve lives, she is driven by social justice.