New automatic supplier switching service launched for landlords, originally profiled on BBC TV's Dragon Den

We are pleased to be launching a new free service for social housing providers that can save tenants on average £350 on their energy bill, with savings that will stretch out for years to come.We are working with the team that secured the best ever deal on BBC TV Dragons Den to roll out the Look After My Bills service. 


The majority of tenants have still not switched energy supplier and are often stuck on the worst tariff.Even for those who have switched, many fail to switch again once the offer expires. This leads to a price hike of up to 50%. Look after my Bills means tenants at last can access the best deals and do it again and again.


Residents can sign up in less than two minutes using their landlords unique Look After My Bills URL and are offered a switch with a minimum saving of £50.The energy regulator says that over half of all people in the UK are overpaying on their energy bills by £350 a year. The biggest saving so far has been £433, all of which makes a big impact for low income households. 


Back in August 2018 Look After My Bills Founders Will Hodson and Henry De Zoete went in front of the Dragons and after thrilling exchange, convinced Jenny Campbell and Tej Lalvani to join forces in the most lucrative deal ever seen in the shows 13-year history. The pitch by Will and Henry can be seen here. Now the service is being rolled out in social sector which has some of the lowest levels of supplier switching, leading to higher bills and fuel poverty.


The service works for tenants whether they are on pre-payment, fixed deals and is designed so that residents who qualify, can get the Warm Homes Discount. The service is also available to housing provider staff.


For housing providers, they will be able to track the progress they are making on tackling fuel poverty with regular updates on the total number of residents who have switched and how much is being saved. It is a fast and effective way for landlords to make a big impact on their customers household income. For more information click here.



Shift Award Finalist 2018

Adecoe was pleased to be part of the team that was shortlisted for the SHIFT Awards 2018 with Places for People.


Adecoe has built a unique assessment tool and strategy that allowed us to review homes and schemes with different measures and technologies, that were assessed against key cost and saving target outputs, in meeting the corporate SAP target of 70. 


The tool and process has enabled Places for People to meets its corporate SAP Target of 70, delivered better homes and saved over £0.5m in capital and £3.7m in operating costs. Combined with in depth analysis of sites and options, we have now built a systematic approach and methodology for upgrading homes and heating systems that has revolutionised the way it invests in homes



CIBSE JOURNAL - Adecoe playing a key role in developing new models for upgrading housing in UK

CIBSE Journal June 2018 outlines the progress being made to develop new funding and performance outcome models in the UK.


The Dutch Energiesprong model delivers energy efficient housing that is financed from energy and maintenance savings. The first wave of homes developed by Nottingham City Homes were launched earlier this year.


Energiesprong homes are designed to pay for themselves over 30 years. The idea is that one-off retrofitting costs are paid for by the subsequent reduction in planned maintenance and energy bills – cuts to the latter being passed on, in part, to the landlord.


'Energiesprong looks at real-life performance over a long period, not just modelled performance' says Nicholas Doyle, who is part of the marketing development team at Energiesprong UK, as well as a director at Adecoe, an energy and environmental consultancy. 'The fundamental thing we are trying to do is that the desired outcomes are delivered to the tenants'

UK Housing Award Winner 2018

Adecoe Director, Arnout Andrews, with colleagues from Nottingham City Council and Nottingham City Homes, picks up the 2018 UK Housing Award for Innovation. The award was given for the development and delivery of a radical new approach to delivering energy efficiency.


Using the value generated from energy saving and reduced maintenance costs to fund capital investment, the project is the first deliver a UK project using the Dutch Energiesprong principles.


The development included the use of offsite manufactured insulation panels, communal energy, battery storage and photovoltaic in a unique model that will balance generation, consumption and storage to deliver the right energy, in the right place at the right time for customers.


Adecoe has played a key role in its development and delivery including the business model, the development of the detailed specification and the delivery on site. The result has been homes that have been radically upgraded and customers who can look forward to low cost, high quality energy in warm and comfortable homes.


Inside Housing 17 October 2017

After a number of years of energy efficiency programmes being cut back, this is now changing with new products, financing and a more supportive policy framework that is building momentum once again.


In Inside Housing, Corin Williams reported on a recent Sustainable Homes conference that was supported by Adecoe, it is clear that the sector is now taking charge of the agenda and coming up with new ideas and approaches that frees it from dependence on government programmes. 


At the same time the launch of the Clean Growth Strategy has put in place the long term framework that will make it worth investing in this new approach.


At the conference, 'Ellie Horwitch-Smith, Director of social housing energy consultants Adecoe, put it pithily when she told delegates she wanted to see an end to the “boom and bust of insulation investment”. She added: “Associations are floundering after years of grant funding, and now don’t know where to invest and haven’t carried out whole-life costings.”'


With the changes in the Feed in Tariff (FiT) many are now reviewing their programmes for installing photovoltaic on homes. See our review of the changes here.


The changes in FiT end a long line of cuts in programmes such as ECO, Green Deal and there maybe some to come on the Renewable Heat Incentive.


Many housing providers we work with are now seeing this as an opportunity to develop longer term and more sustainable investment strategies and we are working with them to not only make that investment more effective, but also to realise the value in their housing stock that will generate new revenues.

LSE Event Energy Saving Matters - Social Landlords can lead the way Adecoe


Adecoe Director, Arnout Andrews will be speaking at the LSE Housing Plus Academy event at Trafford Hall on 6th May 2015 The event will  along with a range of excellent speakers - details here. The event will be an important think tank held at Trafford Hall on how energy saving improves buildings, brings in rent, tackles climate change,  addresses fuel poverty and brings communities together. We will outline how void energy and pre payment meters can be tackled.

See the Royal Institute of British Architects article and filmed interviews on the retrofit market with contributions from Adecoe Director, Nicholas Doyle - here.

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