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July 2020 Adecoe Director Nicholas Doyle contributes to article in Inside Housing on the low carbon funding retrofit challenge.


July 2020  National Housing Maintenance Forum has published Heat Network Guidance and Q and A here. Adecoe has been working with the NHMF to help provide their members with Q and A briefing on compliance with the regulations.


April 2020 - Inside Housing magazine feature on climate change features Adecoe Director, Nicholas Doyle. 


February 2020 - new funding available for housing providers to kick start their Band C and Beyond strategies. The funding is time limited but fully funds insulation and includes free surveys and production of EPC's. Grab it while you can.


January 2019 - Adecoe launches new free service for landlords profiled on BBC TV's Dragons Den that helps tenants save on average £350 on their energy bill. 


November 2018 Adecoe is a finalist for the SHIFT awards for its work in developing new approaches to investment in homes that saves £millions in capital and revenue costs.


June 2018 - CIBSE Article Adecoe playing a key role in the development of new models to upgrade housing in the UK. 


May 2018 - UK Housing Awards 2018  - Adecoe are pleased to be part of the team to win the Innovation of the Year award. Adecoe Director, Arnout Andrews picks up the award with the team at the UK Housing Awards held at the London Park Plaza and hosted by comedian Sean Lock.


October 2017 - Inside Housing reports on the recent Sustainable Homes conference, supported by Adecoe. The conference saw a shift in the sector that is leading once more on innovation in energy and the environment.


March 2016 - Adecoe presents at the Housing Forum Innovation Workshop “Successful District Heating – Commissioning, Procuring and Operating”  Adecoe Director Nicholas Doyle will outline the issues and solutions in managing heat networks to ensure they deliver compliant and cost effective heat for customers and housing providers. 


January 2016 - Adecoe presents at the NHMF conference in Birmingham on new options for heating and refurbishing High Rise - Adecoe Directors, Nicholas Doyle and Arnout Andrews, outline the development the radical new options that could save millions in capital and revenue costs and still deliver better and lower costs for customers and landlords.


October 2015 - Adecoe presents at the GLA RE:NEW event on Energy Supply options - Adecoe Director, Nicholas Doyle, outlines the development of a social housing tariff and the future of smart meters.


September 2015 - Adecoe presents at the NHF London Environment Group - Adecoe Directors, Arnout Andrews and Nicholas Doyle, outline the Alternative Heating Guide and the new ideas to generate funding for retrofit.


September 2015 - Inside Housing Feed in Tariff (FiT) Review – Adecoe Director, Nicholas Doyle, comments on the changes to the FiT but does it herald a new dawn of sustainable investment for the social housing sector?


July 2015 - On Line Heat Pump Training Goes Live - Adecoe have been working with SE2 to help develop Heat Pump training with DECC



June 2015 - DECC Heat Pump Road Shows. Adecoe Director Arnout Andrews outlines the options in Housing



June 2015 - Housing Professional Guide to Smart Meters launched. Adecoe Director Ellie Horwitch-Smith gives the low down on Smart Meters



May 2015 Housing Plus Think Tank : Energy Matters - Social Landlords can lead the way. Adecoe Director Arnout Andrews speaking 



March 2015 Ecobuild - Can Housing Get Smart? Adecoe Director Nicholas Doyle outlines at seminar the potential of Smart Meters in housing



January 2015 - National Housing Maintenance Forum Conference. Nicholas Doyle and Arnout Andrews speak on energy issues in housing.



June 2014 Royal Institute of British Architects Film - Adecoe Director Nicholas Doyle discusses the retrofit challenge for the UK



November 2014 - Inside Housing - Nicholas Doyle outlines some of the opportunities and challenges in energy supply for the sector



November 2014 - Royal Institute of British Architects Journal - Nicholas Doyle contributes to the retrofit debate



July 2014 - Inside Housing - Nicholas Doyle outlines why social housing providers should be looking at energy supply in a comment piece 



May 2014 - Inside Housing - Nicholas Doyle adds to the debate about energy supply in social housing



May 2014 - Inside Housing - Nicholas Doyle outlines the challenges of the new regulations on metering and billing for communal heatings systems


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