Our focus is on creating new opportunities and solutions in housing and energy – whether that is energy supply, management, metering, energy reduction or renewable energy in social housing.

We start with the client and work with them to identify their needs, the needs of their organisation and of their customers.



  • Energy supply – getting better deals for you and your customers
  • Smart meters – helping to making them really smart for housing
  • Communal Heating – making it work better and keeping you compliant
  • Electric Heating – finding the solutions for a tricky issue
  • Retrofit in social housing - designing and financing to improve homes
  • Renewables and energy efficiency – creating the right mix that delivers better homes
  • Funding and finance - realising the value in homes building new models plus ECO, RHI, Fit.
  • Metering and Billing – making sure you know what is possible and what is needed
  • Business and product development – bringing housing and business together
  • Consultancy - helping clients get from where they are, to where they want to be

Energy Supply - Social Housing Tariffs


Energy is now the second biggest cost for many households and with pressures on incomes, many landlords are looking at how they can get a better deal for their customers, as well as reduce operational costs and potentially generate new revenues that can be used to improve services. We are working with landlords across the UK to develop a new approach to energy supply for their customers that will deliver a range of benefits and help put them back in control of an increasing cost. We are now able to offer with Spark energy the UK's first ever social housing tariff that is the lowest cost pre pay and has no standing charge.



Smart Meters


Smart meters offer real benefits for landlords and customers including better voids management, greater payment and tariff flexibility, energy saving and management data. They are the next generation of gas and electricity meters and they offer a range of intelligent functions. This includes telling you how much energy is being used through an In Home Display (IHD). They can also communicate directly with an Energy Supplier which means that no one will need to come and read the meter.


We are working with landlords, contractors and energy companies on developing new ways to deliver the smart meter benefits but ensuring that landlords can manage their roll out and share in the management advantages they bring.



Communal Heating


Communal heating can deliver great service and great value for customers and landlords and it has significant potential in the future. There are new opportunities that are now available which can generate new investment and manage long term costs for landlord and customer. We are working with clients to ensure that they are compliant with the new EU Directive on Metering and Billing. We help landlords ensure their schemes are designed and managed so that they are efficient, cost effective and deliver affordable and flexible heating for their homes and save significant costs as a result. 




Electric Heating Solutions


Electric heating has often been installed for the right reasons, but can lead to higher costs and increased customer complaints, particularly as energy costs rise. The solutions are not always the obvious ones, but we have helped clients find answers that helps customers and improve service delivery. We have created Guides for the social housing sector on how to tackle electrically heated homes and an evaluation tool that helps housing providers create options based on their priorities - capital and revenues costs, reducing fuel poverty and energy costs and meeting their energy targets.


We have been working with partners on new funding models that include traditional sources such as ECO, the Renewable Heat Incentive and also Asset Revenue Mapping to realise the revenue value in housing stock. 



Metering and Billing


The Energy Efficiency Directive on Metering and Billing went live in June 2014 and will require all suitable homes to have individual metering and billing by 2016. This should mean that customers have greater control over their energy costs, but it will mean landlords will have to take some key steps to make this happen, as well as have to report on what they are doing as many will have now become Heat Network Operators. We are working with a range of housing providers, as well as the National Housing Federation and the Department of Energy and Climate change to ensure we all get the best outcomes – for customers and landlords.



Business and Product Development


Creating and developing new products and services can be exciting, challenging and rewarding. The Adecoe team have been responsible for getting a number of innovations to the market and have taken them from simply a great idea to a successful businesses venture. Through great market analysis, detailed product design, prototyping, flight testing and launching, we love sharing the incredible journey of business development with clients.





We work with a wide range of clients on a range of projects. In simple terms we work with clients to deliver solutions to problems – big and small.

- Trusted advisor/representative and lobbyist; technical support in high level meetings
- Training, facilitation and workshops for staff, customers, management teams and Board
- Strategic analysis and planning

- Change management for organisations, from Board through to customer delivery
- Copywriting, messaging, presentations and publicity for strategies, products and projects
- Procurement and specification; support, tender writing, evaluation and technical
- Bid identification, development and management
- Inspirational event and conference speaking
- Financing, funding and financial modelling



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