We love nothing more than working with clients to help come up with solutions to problems or issues they are trying to tackle. These can range from policy and strategy , through to technical challenges such as retrofit, renewables and funding or helping to engage colleagues and innovators to deliver change.

We bring our experience, expertise and insights to new challenges and come up with solutions that work for you, your organisation and your customers. 


We have worked on a wide range of projects including amongst others:


Bespoke stock analysis tool and programme development

Developing new products, services and financial mechanisms 

Creating a zero carbon road map for a large housing provider

Helping clients develop their approach to innovation and new technologies 

A portfolio wide approach to heat networks


In the simplest terms, we get you from where you are, to where you want to be.



Creating New Solutions for Housing


We also like to help business, entrepreneurs and innovators to  build new products and services that could bring real benefits. Our criterion is quite simple – we’re interested in things that deliver real change to housing organisations and their customers. 


And we always work with people who are driven by creating new ideas and approaches. The Adecoe team have been responsible for getting a number of innovations to the market and have taken them from simply a great idea to a successful businesses venture. Through great market analysis, detailed product design, prototyping, flight-testing and launching, we love sharing the incredible journey of business development with clients.


Creating and developing new products and services can be exciting, challenging and rewarding.