Delivering band c and beyond

Adecoe has worked with social housing providers across the UK who are developing a new approach to asset management with regard to energy efficiency and energy. Many providers are now at the very early stages of recognizing that they need to develop a new way of approaching their investment programmes for a new strategic approach and vision. We develop and deliver cost effective strategies that deliver homes to Band C and beyond.



Baseline Assessments

Understanding your data and how to use it most effectively


Building the analysis tools that reflect your needs

We build an approach that is rooted in your housing and your approach


Developing your scenarios and options

The range of choices and routes to delivering Band C and beyond to net zero carbon




Clear graphics and illustrations

Detailed analysis is backed up by clear graphics and insights


Simple, straightforward recommendations

Clear cost analysis including funding and innovation


Strategy and clear action plans

Development of long term evidence based strategies backed up with details action plans