heat networks

Heat networks or communal heating can provide affordable, reliable and efficient low carbon heat.


Unfortunately, too often communal heating isn't great and does not achieve these benefits.


Communal heating schemes are often difficult to manage, create lots of customer complaints, and are more expensive to operate. Customers often do not get the reliable, affordable or efficient heat they are promised and it doesn’t compare well with the individual heating systems that they may be used to. 


We know Heat Network problems include Numerous customer complaints
High costs and customer debtsOn-going maintenance and repair issues
Poor scheme efficiencyUnclear tariffs

The good news is that all of these issues can be fixed with affordable and achievable Chirpy Heat solutions that have been tried and tested by housing providers across the UK. 


Whether it's customer complaints, compliance, technical or financial issues, Chirpy can help. We can look at individual schemes or an entire portfolio, we can review all aspects of schemes or start with the issues that are causing you the most problems. We can also provide a full monitoring and data system for your schemes that will put you in charge of all your heat networks. Through your own data dashboard you will get all the information needed to give you and your contractors confidence in how your schemes are performing.


Technical Assessment and Reviews

Typical Issues

Frequent repairs

Unreliable service

Customer Complaints

System efficiency 

High running costs

Scheme Management


Typical Issues

Metering and billing issues

High maintenance costs

High levels of call outs

Poor or non-existence data on the system

Issues with maintenance, metering and billing providers

Remote Monitoring and Data


Typical Issues

No visibility on scheme efficiency

Only hearing about problems when customers contact you

Contractors needing to do extensive and costly assessment to identify problems

High levels of emergency call outs

 Scheme Finances



Typical Issues

Scheme debt

Scheme not covering current running costs

No funding for investments of upgrades

Tariffs do not reflect the real costs of the system

Late or inaccurate bills

Customer Service



Typical Issues

Customer complaints on range of issues

Customer do not understand how to get the best from their heating.

Late or inaccurate bills

High call out rates

Compliance and regulation


Typical Issues

Lack of awareness of regulatory obligations

No management system in place for reporting to ensure compliance.

No forward planning for future legislation and regulation