Smart Meters

There are many social housing smart meter opportunities. The time is now for them to start shaping how smart meters can help them and their customers.


Smart meters are the next generation of gas and electricity meters and will be rolled out as standard across Great Britain by 2020. They offer a range of intelligent functions, including telling you how much energy is being used and communicating directly with an energy supplier, eliminating the need for manual meter reads. 


They will free customers from estimated bills and open new tariffs and ways to pay and for landlords they have the potential to generate accurate data on their stock, identify focused improvement programmes and deliver more effective advice to customers struggling to pay their bills. 

Our Housing Professionals Guide to Smart Meters provides a summary of the smart meter roll out plan, energy supplier requirements, smart meter technology and functionality and how smart meter data will be collected and used. The Guide also contains a growing list of Frequently Asked Questions posed by social housing professionals. 


For a free download of the Guide click here

The predicted energy management savings from smart meter installation is low, but coupled with targeted offers and proactive engagement across an organisation, smart meters are an exciting prospect. 

We are working with meter asset providers, energy suppliers and social housing partners on some exciting smart meter opportunities for housing. For example:

• Housing led smart meter installation

• Smart energy tariffs for customers

• Smart meter finance and long term revenue

• Delivering smart meter benefits as part of existing or planned work

• Smart meter data analysis to support operational and investment decisions

If you would like to know more about our work, or need support in engaging your business in smart meter opportunities, please contact us.