Social Housing Tariffs and Energy

At no cost to landlords, we help customers get the best energy deals in the affordable rented sector. We offer residents and housing providers tariffs and a service that is tailored for their needs.


We deliver a unique energy supplier switching service that in just two minutes tenants secure energy savings on their bills that stretch out for years to come.


Residents can sign up in less than two minutes using their landlords unique  URL and landing page and are offered a switch with a minimum saving of £50. The biggest saving so far has been £433, all of which makes a big impact for low income households. 

For Customers a one-off sign up ensures they stay on the cheapest deal all the time, not just once. And they always remain in control.


For landlords at no cost, they can secure their customers the best deal in the market, lowering their bills, reducing fuel poverty and increasing household income for years to come. Once customers sign up all the admin and customer enquiries are dealt with but we keep the landlord up to date with the numbers of customers switching and the savings they make.


Why landlords increasingly care about energy supply to customers


The majority of tenants have not still not switched energy supplier and are often stuck on the worst tariff. Even those who have switched, 80% forget to switch again after an initial offer expires. This leads to a price hike of up to 50%. Look after my Bills means tenants at last can access the best deals and do again and again.


How does it work?


  • If the tenant is free to switch straight away, then they will be shown the cheapest alternative Energy Tariff.
  • Tenant completes the sign up and all the admin of switching is dealt with.
  • If the tenant is not free to switch (i.e. not on fixed term deal), we make a note of the end date and notifies tenant just before the end of contract of new deal to switch to.
  • When the tenant’s contracts approach the end, we search the market and automatically switches the tenants to the cheapest deal.
  • Tenant stays in control of the process, there is no admin for them to do, and they have a 14 day cancellation of service time period.
  • If the tenant gets the Warm Homes Discount (WHD) they can tick the box and only get deals that will get them WHD.


I'm interested, what next?


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